FLARE by Institution and Material

As of April 2021 

FLARE Item Totals by Institution

Institution Amount in Flare
University of Florida (UF) 1,220,299
University of Miami (UM) 307,746
University of Central Florida (UCF) 79,915
Barry University (Barry) 12,049
Last Copy 3,361
University of West Florida (UWF) 1,456
Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) 277
Florida State University (FSU) 123
Florida International University (FIU) 63
Det is Damaged, GOV is Government Documents, JST is JSTOR, Microfilm, MON is Monographs, PHO is Phonographs, SER is Serials, UFSTO is UF Storage, VHS is VHS

FLARE Item Types by Material

Type of material Percentage in FLARE
Serials (SER) 36.9%
Monographs (MON) 30.7%
Government Documents (GOV) 24.6%
JSTOR (JST) 2.3%
Damaged (DET) 2%
VHS 1%
Phonograms (PHO) 0.6%
Microfilm (MFM) 0.3%
UFSTO 1.4%