Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Statewide Shared Collection/FLARE?

The FLorida Academic REpository (FLARE) is the statewide shared collection of low use print materials from academic libraries in Florida. This centrally housed collection provides new options for sharing the costs and effort of long term retention of low use library materials. Under the FLARE memorandum of understanding, the materials designated under this agreement will be retained and made available as long as the need for them exists, thereby allowing participants to consider withdrawing duplicates of these items from their campus collections and to rely with confidence on access to the centrally retained copies. FLARE is housed in environmentally controlled, carefully inventoried and secure high density facility (HDF) style buildings located in Gainesville, operated by the George A. Smathers Libraries at the University of Florida (UF) on behalf of the participating libraries. Partners in FLARE include libraries of the State University System of Florida Universities, and the University of Miami.

What do I do if I want to send material to FLARE?

Contact FLARE

Contacts page

Who do I contact if I have a question about FLARE?

Contact FLARE

Contacts page

What are the policies and procedures for sending material to FLARE?


FLVC Wiki: describes the various programs created by FLVC to do batch and overnight copies of items and holdings from the originating library’s institution’s ALEPH ADM to the FLARE ALEPH ADM.

Transfer guidelines vary depending on the institution.  Modifications are made on a case by case basis.

What is the best resource to use for weeding and deduping collections to send to FLARE?

The Union Catalog – Mango

How do I access items in FLARE?

The Union Catalog – Mango 

What are FLARE’s lending policies?

  • Monographs:
    • Hard copy loans for 60 days
      • SUS/State College patrons: Request through UBorrow
      • UF patrons: request through UF ILL Office
      • All others: request through your local ILL office
  • Periodicals/microforms: 
    • Digital copies are the preferred delivery option
      • UF patrons: request through UF ILL Office
      • All others: request through your local ILL office
    • If a digital copy is not acceptable, the print volume can be requested, but will be building use only (cannot leave the building) and is only loanable for 14 days
      • UF patrons: request through UF ILL Office
      • All others: request through your local ILL office
  • Course reserves: 
    • Items needed for course reserves are able to be checked out and placed on course reserve for one semester with a one semester renewal.
    • The request will indicate this book is for Course Reserves with the Course number (prefix and number) and instructor’s name, and semester end date or return date.
      • UF patrons: request through UF ILL Office
      • All others: request through your local ILL office​

What is FLARE’s Last Copy Policy and where can I find the Last Copy Donation Letter?

Last Copy Gov. Doc. Donation Letter

Last Copy Monograph Donation Letter

Last Copy Serial Donation Letter

Our Last Copy Policies for Monographs, Government Documents, and Serials can be viewed on our LibGuide.

When and how will my items be processed once at FLARE?

When: Depending on where your transfer is in the queue determines when the items will get processed.  The tentative timeline is discussed and agreed on prior to the transfer.

How: All items go through two stages of processing before becoming available for request.

  • Pre-tray processing: Items are physically examined, and the item and holdings records are checked/updated/created.
  • Tray processing: Items are inventoried and made available for request.

In the FLARE catalog, we use the Item Process Status (IPS) to communicate where the item is in the process.

  • IPS FL = In Process: this means that the item has been received, but it is not fully processed; it is in the catalog, but has not been fully checked in and is NOT available for request. These display in the online catalog as In Process.
  • A blank IPS means that the item has been fully processed and is available for request.  These display in the online catalog as Regular Loan.

Transferred vs Ingested

  • Transferred indicates that we have received the material at our facility.
  • Ingested indicates that the material is in the FLARE catalog (ingested does not mean it is trayed/available).

Where is the Statewide Shared Collection/FLARE?

FLARE is administratively hosted by the University of Florida and is currently held and managed out of two Library Facilities.  The UF Auxiliary Library Facility, which also houses UF Storage, and the UF Interim Library Facility, which also houses Digital Services and Conservation.  Both are off campus facilities located near the airport in Gainesville Florida. 

What is a High Density Facility?

FLARE is using the Harvard model high density facility 

For more reading on HDFs:

Library Storage Facilities and the Future of Print Collections in North America